26 June 2016

In Praise of the Novus Ordo Low Mass

I just attended what seems like it should properly be called "low mass according to the revised Roman Rite"—a mass without music, deacon or servers, with a homily, EP II, and two extraordinary ministers of holy communion. The priest said all the prayers with great celerity. The whole thing lasted approximately 37 minutes. The homily was very short, bracketing an appeal from a filipino Baptistine nun, whom he praised for bringing the faith to people "who have never lit a candle before a statue, or seen a holy card".

And, you know, the whole thing was delightful. I'm not sure why, exactly—primarily for sacramental reasons, one assumes, but also I think because the mass was very evidently about the faith and the true sacrifice. There was silence, there were no distractions. It was not a celebration of community or an overt act of condescension to misconstrued popular tastes. It was just the mass. What a wonderful thing.