18 June 2016

A Note on Calls for the Holy Father's Resignation

Earlier I was running through the front pages of the web (a collection of about two dozen news sites I look at regularly), and I found the following on Fox News:

"Enough is enough, Pope Francis should resign"

As a disgruntled, traditionalist leaning Catholic, someone who's spent a while on the front lines of the struggle for the Church's future, I have often hoped that Francis's pontificate would, in one way or another, end sooner rather than later.

That said, I find this article unacceptable in its tone, its lack of nuance, its demotic FOX-ish-ness, etc.    It's repellent.  May God save the Holy Father, give him wisdom and right judgment, and, at whatever time has been foreordained, bless him with a peaceful and holy death.

And I hope he doesn't resign.