26 May 2016

On Being an "Augustinian" Theologian

Earlier I was discussing with a friend the merits of different American Catholic graduate programs in theology.  We agreed that the Dominicans currently have a corner on the M.A. market. The conversation then turned to "Augustinianism".  Conversation reproduced below:

But that really only the Dominicans do it appropriately, and it's kind of true, isn't it?
Everything is historical and specialized
The Dominicans still believe things.

Hahaha that was also an underlying thought I had
But it sounded too cynical to me
and they have sufficient institutional strength to maintain a coherent formation program around those beliefs
where everywhere else is a hodgepodge of people with their own personal theologies
which are usually referred to as "Augustinian"

Lmao the "Augustinian" label
It's something I picked up on at [name of school redacted]
I still don't know what Augustine actually thought
Though that seems conveniently undecided by literally everyone
I was reading some canon lawyer trying to reinterpret Catholic sexual morality to be less... Well, what it is. In the vein of JPII The Great
And he was like, "actually Augustine confirms this line of thought, as I read him, so it's legit"
My thought was, "How many Protestants have come before you."