09 January 2016

Note to Readers

I have a couple of posts in the works, including a continuation of the series on Robert Caro's Johnson biography and a long-ish article defending certain features of republican government from a traditionalist/Thomist perspective (well, from my own perspective anyway, which is at least vaguely traditionalist/Thomist).

I also have one further volume of Pastor's History ready for publication (except for the dust jacket) and eleven more which are only slightly behind that (they need page number corrections and re-scaling).

The layout of The Paraphasic has been up in the air for the past few days.  I like to change things periodically, in part because novelty is the spice of life, but also because I periodically want the blog to function slightly differently.  After some experimentation with Blogger's "dynamic views" templates, I've changed the site back to (more or less) the previous layout.  "Dynamic views" has some advantages, but it's also set up in such a way that makes tinkering harder for the user, and it wasn't really worth it.  Google could do a lot more for Blogger users if they cared to develop this service further.

I've begun adding keyword tags to my old posts.  Given that there are almost 600 published posts on this blog, this is a large task, and it will take some time.  As I progress, the keyword cloud on the right will become more usable as a means of exploring what I've written here over the past five years.  (The fifth anniversary of the blog will be in June.)

Finally, I'd like to extend a word of thanks to the people who read The Paraphasic regularly.  Back in the day, a few years ago, I knew pretty much everyone who read this blog.  At this point I no longer know the vast majority of you, but I see you trickling (and occasionally more than trickling) in via the blog stats.  There's an impressive degree of geographical diversity among the readership here, and it's odd to think that my morose ramblings might be interesting to people in Dehli or Sydney or Vladivostok.  (Hello to Dehli and Sydney and Vladivostok, by the way.)

Thank you for taking an interest, and I hope that I continue to supply you with whatever you're after.