11 January 2016

"How to be a Liberal in Lower Alabama"

The New York Times published an amusing column today from a liberal democrat in Alabama, talking about the difficulties of living as a liberal democrat in a social environment where everyone comfortably assumes you agree that liberal democrats are stupid or morally suspect.
"In some ways, [the conflict between liberals and conservatives has] the same story everywhere. But it feels different when you’re in the small, embattled minority. There’s a proud tradition of Southern liberalism, with some willing to take the heat at any cost, but given that people these days can be downright mean, ever more of my left-leaning friends prefer to express their convictions only when marking the ballot."
What I enjoy about the article is the extent to which everything in it is true in reverse for urban conservatives.  I know people who match the uncomfortable silence the author describes perfectly, but because they're religious conservatives living in a comfortably liberal Chicago.  I have been one of those people, many times.