14 December 2015

An Interesting Article on Procedural Maneuvers at Vatican II

P. J. Smith has written a well-documented analysis of an instance of procedural manipulation on the floor of Vatican II.  As he notes at the beginning of the article, the mechanics and motivations behind the council have been lost and become unavailable to the vast majority of Catholics.  He does a wonderful job of tracing out the course of debate on one point and showing how the rules are manipulated.  Unfortunately, he seems not to have stayed mindful of his original point about the Council's inaccessibility, or perhaps he has forgotten the primary reason for its inaccessibility—none of his extracts from the Latin of the conciliar Acta are rendered into English for his readers.

I hope we can expect more such treats from Mr. Smith's blog (which is excellent, by the way, and worth following), and I hope next time he will help us by condescending to offer both original quotations and translations into English.