03 November 2015

The Best Catholic Bloggers (3) – Edmund Waldstein, O.Cist.

So far in this tour of bloggers I like best, I have covered Frs. Hunwicke and Blake.  Next is another priest, a Cistercian monk of Stift Heiligenkreuz in Austria, Fr. Edmund Waldstein, who keeps a blog called Sancrucensis (based on the latinization of Heiligenkreuz, which means "Holy Cross").

Pater Edmund's blog is, as befits a monk, much more contemplative and inclined toward the speculative than either Hunwicke or Blake.  Hunwicke is bookish, to be sure, and all three convey thoughtfulness and ample learning, but Edmund's writing manages to be a bit more reflective than current-events-based, and is certainly not consumed with ecclesiastical politics...

As I sit here trying to pin down the quality I have in mind when I say "reflective" (detached?), it occurs to me that I have not yet discussed web design.  Sancrucensis is an aesthetically pleasing blog, which takes advantage of the clean look of one of the basic Wordpress templates.  The header image is periodically changed (they're generally beautiful), and the font is very crisp.  I'm not sure what font it is exactly, but it has a fixed-width feel and reminds me a little bit of the font used in LaTeX.  Pater Edmund keeps his text very large, which makes his blog posts tend to feel longer and less manageable, but it also makes the act of reading easier (I suspect, anyway).

Like Fr. Hunwicke, Pater Edmund's writing conveys a consistently cheerful temperament.  He thoughtfully and devoutly adheres to the tradition, but along the way he tries to pick up whatever good elements he can find in the people he reads and encounters.  It's a great habit: those of use who are more insular and develop an intellectual fortress-mentality tend to miss out on the spoils of Egypt which can be sanctified and converted to divine use.

Anyway, I invite you to read his blog, and pray for him.