04 November 2015

It's a trap!

The more groups and individuals I see virtually "sign on" to the final relatio of this year's Synod, the more concerned I am.  The controversial paragraphs of that document contain a vague, inchoate, expression of the internal forum version of Kasper's proposal.  So when X group or Y blogger says "Hooray, the Synod affirmed Church Teaching!" even though, on the crucial point, the Synod at best merely muddled through Church Teaching without affirming or negating it, I start to wonder: how do all of these eager affirmations of "You did it! You affirmed doctrine! All is well!" play into the Kasperian narrative which is waiting to unfold and envelop the Church?  Won't the narrative be: Of course we affirmed Church teaching! And we did so precisely while opening a door to the private discernment of Eucharistic readiness!

I know everyone wants to say "Yes!" to the bishops.  This is a good thing, really!  But the impulse to say "Yes!" and eschew criticism as far as possible has gotten the Church into some nasty situations.  Clarity is not too much to demand of our pastors, and pointing out that a document remains unclear on a crucial point (or seems to indicate what it could not, in faith, indicate) is no act of rebellion.