30 October 2015

Two Updates

Since my recent post, a number of people have purchased copies of the first volume of Pastor's History of the Popes.  To those who have: congratulations, and I hope you find the book as interesting as I have.

Having completed the introductory volume, I am skipping ahead in the series to the Popes of the Protestant Reformation, starting with Leo X, who confronted and eventually excommunicated Martin Luther.  The first volume of Pastor's two-part history of Leo X's papacy is now available.  The second should be up by the end of next week.


Additionally, it was suggested that I should make available a less expensive version of the series, in paperback.  I hope to do this eventually using Amazon's "CreateSpace" site, but as currently I'm having issues getting them to co-operate with my PDF files, I decided to settle in the short term for a Lulu paperback.  The first volume of the series is now available in paperback, for $22.28.  (I would have made the price lower, but Lulu literally will not let me.)

The new, paperback edition of the first volume is available by clicking the image below.  (The cover image is different, to distinguish it from the hardcover edition.)