04 October 2015

The Sensible Bond

Before destroying my online social network, I asked people to send me as many Catholic blogs as they could think of.  I ended up with about 80 individual suggestions, along with a couple of blog lists with many, many more.  I would like to start looking through all of these blogs, and survey the landscape, so to speak.

Anyway, I picked one at random just now, called "The Sensible Bond".  The most recent post was a comparison between the attitude of the Brits during the Battle of Britain, and the attitude we should take against the evil German conspiracies currently rocking the Church.  Decent comparison, I think.

I especially enjoyed this post about how stupid the internet is: "a self-appointed place for Messieurs Whippy of Wisdom", as he calls it.  Hey, I'm pretty guilty of the whole all-wise charade.  Anyway, check out the blog.  Maybe you'll find it good.