20 October 2015

The Patheos Crowd is Losing It

First there was Elizabeth Scalia, editor in chief at the popular site "Aleteia" and longtime Patheos blogger, who decided that the niceness of Jesus and her own confusion had to ultimately trump the apostolic traditions and Scriptural teaching of the Church.

Then there was Simcha Fisher, staff blogger at the National Catholic Register and longtime Patheos blogger, who has decided to denounce everyone concerned about events in Rome as suffering from some sort of Zombie Apocalypse Syndrome.

Now we have Gregory Popcak, a third Patheos blogger, director of a group called the "Pastoral Solutions Institute" and author of such works as Holy Sex!  Dr. Popcak tells us that it's unjust to hold people accountable for the violation of their marriage vows.  

What is driving these people to such absurdity?  It's mystifying.  The Neo-Catholic edifice is tottering before our eyes.