22 October 2015

The Best Catholic Bloggers (2) –
Fr. Raymond Blake

(I continue my series on the best Catholic Bloggers.  Previous post here.)

Last time I talked about Fr. John Hunwicke.  Today I will highlight another English priest, Fr. Raymond Blake.  Fr. Blake keeps a blog called "Fr. Ray Blake's Blog" at marymagdalen.blogspot.co.uk.  He is very good.

I'm not sure why either of the two men who top my list happen to also have conspicuously awful web design.  Fr. Blake's blog is, if anything, worse than Fr. Hunwicke's in terms of its visual design and coloring.  I think in charity we should chalk this up to the fact that both men are agéd and wise, and their wisdom concerns the real more than the virtual.  Perhaps we should be grateful that their inattention to web design has liberated each man to devote himself to higher things.

In any case, the aesthetic idiosyncrasies of Fr. Blake's site are made up for many times over by the excellence of what he has to say.  I have been following his blog for a little over a year, and find it pleasant, edifying, and generally interesting.  Most of the time he writes reflections based on his pastoral work, often relating them back to current events in the Church.

Based on this description, one might wonder what distinguishes Fr. Blake from the many other clerical writers.  Could it be that I have singled him out merely as the expression of some subconscious anglophilia? No, that's certainly not it.

Rather, what distinguishes Fr. Blake from other clerical writers I'm aware of is his directness and apparent integrity, and the extent to which his thoughtful (and frequently insightful) commentary on experiences and developments reflects the life of a man who has that rarest of contemporary virtues: honesty.

Please visit his blog and consider adding him to your RSS Reader, Blog Roll, or set of perpetually-open browser tabs.