07 August 2015

Addressing Some Common Questions about the Most Reverend Archbishop's Recent Statement on Planned Parenthood

Did my local ordinary issue a statement about something? 
—Yes, he did! Exciting!

Does it mention God, Christ, the Gospel, the Church, Catholicism, or the Catholic Faith?
—No, none of these are mentioned at all, directly or indirectly.

Is it an exercise of my ordinary's teaching office as a bishop of the Church?
—Given the total lack of mention of any of the things you asked about, and the fact that he does not invoke his own authority in any way, we can safely say that it is not an exercise of your ordinary's teaching authority.

What does it talk about?
—Mostly it attempts to redirect moral outrage over mass murder into concern over inadequate healthcare, workers' rights, urban violence, and unemployment.

Given that it has no apparent official weight, is it morally edifying?
—No, in fact it seems to be rather unedifying. The injustices mentioned (especially immigration and urban violence) are serious evils that need to be confronted, but do not really seem comparable to the systematic murder and exploitation of children they're being equated with. On top of this, the display of such a lack of moral judgment puts your ordinary in a bad light, and is unedifying for that reason as well.

So, should I read it?
—No, you probably shouldn't.