31 July 2015


This is the platform of the North/Clybourn CTA station in Chicago.

Like most Red Line subway stations, it is ugly, drab, bare.  North/Clybourn happens to immediately adjoin a large Apple Store (upstairs and across a small courtyard).   Here you can see the train station on the right and the Apple Store on the left.  The two are in the middle of a shopping district in one of Chicago's stably posh yuppie neighborhoods, Lincoln Park.

The company has seen fit to buy the advertising space on the platform walls to remind you that you're only a few steps away from the latest gadget.  Normally the lightboxes feature gigantic pictures of iPads, MacBooks and such.

Lately, they have decided to fill these lightboxes (which are quite large—each is about 12 feet long) with images from the iPhone 6 "World Gallery".  What a difference!  Waiting for a train recently, I saw the image below, and was captured by it.  What a vision!  What an amazing thing to stick in such a gloomy, utilitarian space.

by Flavio Sarescia