14 January 2015

Confusion, Anxiety, Laziness

1.  For the past month or so I have suffered from a crippling combination of anxiety, confusion, and laziness.  Lack of sufficient desire or conviction to set myself to any substantial task, lack of confidence in my own merits being equal to any task I consider, lack of adequate hope for the completion of any task, and therefore lack of the expenditure of any effort.  It's all very bleak.

2.  One of the odd effects of teaching is that one is forced to explain things to one's students.  Today I set myself the task of providing a systematic foundation for the understanding of necessity of the existence of the Church for human happiness.  That sounds like a mammoth task, but it isn't really: one simply lays out the basics of human nature, human perfection, points to wisdom and divine friendship, and then the ways in which the Church acts to provide for humanity what it cannot provide for itself.

3.  Once we have completed this task, we will perform a cursory examination of the Apostolic Church, using the Acts of the Apostles and some passages from the New Testament Epistles.