14 January 2015

Beginning the Search for Freedom

1.  I want to be liberated from this or that heteronomous authority, circumstance, difficulty.

2.  I place all frustration with my present life in things outside myself.

3.  It occurs to me: what if the difficulties you experience are not a result of something heteronomous but autonomous?

4.  I encounter that question common among critiques of libertarianism (philosophical and political): "Freedom for what?"

5.  Freedom for the good, it seems.  Freedom to do what is good, to possess the good.

6.  What impinges on this freedom seems to be more personal defects (habitual lack of goodness) than heteronomous authorities, circumstances, difficulties.

7.  These outward things have some relation still to my inward failures.

8.  What is the relation?

9.  How do I liberate myself from myself?  How does a rope bind itself when it is frayed?

10.  One seems to tie oneself in knots trying to solve this problem.