08 December 2012

An Imaginary Dialogue between Sleep and Hesitation

Oknos: did I tell you about these shoes?
  they're going to make me a good person
4:07 AM Somnus: ?
4:08 AM Oknos: yes
4:10 AM Somnus: nice
 Oknos: why do I suck so much at life
 Somnus: ?
4:11 AM Oknos: it's because I don't have those shoes
  also because I am not a plant
 Somnus: true
4:12 AM Oknos: I am going to publish this conversation
  add your gems now, before it's too late
 Somnus: what sort of plant are you inside?
4:13 AM Oknos: I am a coniferous sunflower
  my foliage never withers
  and I am planted on a mountainside
  but my face always turns toward the sun
 Somnus: sounds about right
 Oknos: what sort of plan are you?
4:14 AM Somnus: I have no plans
 Oknos: plant, then
  wow, it takes great courage to have no plans
  or no courage at all
 Somnus: I am a Welwitschia
4:15 AM I have two leaves
  they grow and grow until I die
 Oknos: this is so poetic
  and painful
 Somnus: it's because you have bad shoes
 Oknos: a picture of humanity:
 Somnus: they are hurting your feet
4:16 AM if that is not man, then I don't know what is
  Where do your shoes take you?
4:17 AM Somnus: the desert
4:18 AM Oknos: a priest told me the other day that advent is a time to live in the desert like John
  I think this is a good thought.
4:20 AM It reminds me of that Roethke poem:
  My lizard, my lively writher,
May your limbs never wither,
May the eyes in your face
Survive the green ice
Of envy’s mean gaze;
May you live out your life
Without hate, without grief,
And your hair ever blaze,
In the sun, in the sun,
When I am undone,
When I am no one.
4:21 AM Somnus: holy cow,why aren't you in bed?
4:22 AM Oknos: Hinduism has never much appealed to me, of the major religions.