10 October 2012

Truisms about Love

0. I love you because of who you are.
1. I love you despite your faults, because of your strengths.
2. I love you not despite your faults, but because of them.
3. I love you without reasons, beyond reasons.
4. I love you as the term of all desiring.
5. True love knows the other.
6. True love always discovers the other.
7. True love allows the other space for self-disclosure.
8. True love awaits the other without expectation.
9. True love is ignorant of the other, does not presume to know the other.
10. True love has as its object neither qualities, nor nature, but an unspecified supposit.
11. True love has no object.
12. True love is rapt.
13. True love, letting the other be, is disinterested.
14. True love lets the other be, as radically other.
15. True love is receptivity without reception.
16. True love is solitude, is the felt absence of the other.
17. In love the self is vacated.
18. In love the self goes out to join the other.
19. In love the self is dissolved.
20. In love the self welcomes another into itself.
21. In love the other is dissolved into the same.
22. In love there are no selves.
23. Those who love become one subject.
24. Those who love become the same subject.
25. Those who love are, separately, incomplete.
26.  Love is brutal acceptance.
27.  Love is total submission.
28.  Love is blind.
29.  Love is an emotion.
30.  Love is not an emotion.
31.  Love is sacred.
32.  Love should be spread around.
33.  etc.

[For the record, I think many of these are disordered, if not explicitly then in the pathos that underlies them.]