04 July 2012

Memorable Movies of the Last Month

The Women on the Sixth Floor:  A delightful French comedy about the influx of Spanish maids in French households during the 60s.  The great failing of the film is that it ends up becoming a romantic comedy, instead of a Titanic-esque bourgeois-fling-with-the-peasants story, but we can forgive it for the last 25 minutes because the rest is so wonderful. (3)

Prometheus: Ridley Scott's latest is a return to an old science fiction trope: the search for our origins.  I'm struggling to remember where I've heard this plot before... digging into the hidden depths of things one ends up finding a hidden terror which could end up annihilating everything the love for which sent one on the quest in the first place.  It's a platonist's nightmare, in other words.  Or perhaps a Gnostic sermon: it was evil that created us and evil which means ultimately to destroy us.  The thing is dark and the script employs bizarre fragments of pre-nihilistic myth and ideology in order to drive itself forward.  But one wonders frequently while watching why really any of these people would go on such a journey.  There cannot be a reason, and our conclusion, as the protagonist sails off on another quest at the end, is that "science" of her sort is driven merely by the mystery of fragments retrieved from the more coherent civilizations it has destroyed. (3)

Never Let me Go:  Yet another riff on the dystopian clones-for-organs idea.  The photography is lovely, the movie is emotionally monotonous, and while it could be interesting to watch, there is so little actual drama in the thing that one can stop at any point without having lost any sort of emotional investment.  A good (negative) study in what tone does for a film. (2)