17 March 2012

Fragments of Unfinished Posts

"The Tyrannical Past"
1.  The

"Allegiance and Ideals"
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1.  The perfection of being lies in its likeness to God.
2.  To know a thing is to possess its form, but intentionally and not materially.
3.  Prudence is king of the worldly virtues.

"At Home in the World"
There is an obvious sense in which one should not be "at home in the world."  If home signifies that set of attachments and interests toward which we are directed and in which we find ourselves at rest, then clearly one should never be at home in the world.

Still, in an important sense, one should

"Gnostic Movies"
Some movies in which the world of the main character is discovered to be an illusion:

The Matrix
The Truman Show