03 February 2012

A peculiar Survey

The objects currently covering my desk, from left to right:

butter knife, knife block with kitchen shears in it, scotch tape, bottle of ibuprofen, binder clip with attached length of string, electric kettle, empty envelope, post-it note with WLAN password, notebook for keeping finances straight, bottle of peppermint flavored oil, bottle of vanilla extract, two peat moss disks (dry), pencil sharpener, Holy Bible (NAB), peppermint teabag (unopened), pad of post-it notes, uncapped pen (uniball deluxe micro black), rubber band, bottle of glue, stapler, dixon ticonderoga pencil (unsharpened), sakura micron 01 pen (black), one cup measure containing crumbs of pipe tobacco peppermint and lavender, Wüsthof utility knife (clean), cord for mp3 audio recorder, red felt-tipped pen, check book, floss, comb attachment for electric clippers, 32 count box of strike anywhere matches, saucer containing several burnt matches, empty container that once held chocolate and now holds: black bic pen dirty fork and a hydrated peat disk containing three peas which have not yet sprouted, pad of postit notes, empty envelope, stack of Chipotle napkins (unused), Wüsthof chef's knife (small, dirty),, power cable for macbook pro, headphone cord, chipotle receipt, tea strainer, mirror compass, small resealable bag of liturgical incense, 300 count box (mostly empty) of strike anywhere matches, dixon ticonderoga pencil (sharpened, worn), deoderant stick, ball of string, salt shaker, mostly empty container of chocolate, jar of honey, Penguin Classics mug with broken handle, large swiss army knife, bottle of cloves, bottle of ground ginger, smoking pipe, can of cocoa, tube of neosporin, small bottle of oral analgesic, angelic warfare confraternity prayer card, jar containing a mix of 2/3s peppermint 1/3 lavender, St. Martin de Porres votive candle, role of duct tape.