03 February 2012

On the Perpetual Inner Dialogue

1.  Having let this blog lie fallow for a month, I think it's time to revive it.  Since resurrection requires some kind of transfiguration of the matter of the thing resurrected (requires? untrue), or rather because I would prefer the thing to take a different form, there will be some modifications to the basic framework:

1. A.  Posts will have titles, not numbers.  Where the first incarnation life of the blog (what an undignified word — what an undignified reality — what a self-important load of bull this is) ...

1. B.  What could be more boring than a sustained dialectic?

2.  Almost every dialectical sequence can be formally abstracted by the time its fourth step is reached.  The third step enables one to produce a theory, the fourth confirms it.

3.  If boredom is the demonic pantheism, then is virtue always ultimately undesirable?

4.  This has been a sustained dialectical post.  Thank you for attending to it.