28 November 2011


Faith and reason are just different ways of knowing things.
So, when meet Lucinda I see her with my eyes, and I talk to her and hear her voice,
my knowledge of lucinda comes from my five senses.
I don't just see lucinda and know everything there is to know about her
I get to know her better and better as time passes.
That's reason.

Now, there are some things that we can't know from our five senses. There are some people who are so much greater than I could understand that just thinking about them won't get me any closer to knowing who they are.
Angels and God are like that.
But because God loves us and wants us to know him, God gives us a special ability to get to know him without our senses.
He plants knowledge of himself in our hearts,
and if we focus on it, it grows, so that we know him better
That's faith.
Now, the knowledge in our hearts and the knowledge from our eyes are both knowledge.
They both show us real things and help us be familiar with them.
Faith, the knowledge God plants in us, just makes the knowledge of the eyes better  
and they work together, because they're both true

But the knowledge that God gives you is more important 
because it can tell you how to live, 
and what life is all about, 
and what love means
and that's the stuff that makes he knowledge of the eyes meaningful.
Otherwise you just end up living pointlessly
and being an idiot, without realizing
until it's too late.