11 October 2011


Really awesome Challah.  The recipe below makes 4 massive braided loaves, so it's advisable to split it in half.  Two loaves would be bread for a week if you eat a lot of bread.  Recipe courtesy of Laura's mom's friend.  I didn't really make this as instructive as it could be, so I assume that you have common sense and/or have made bread once or twice before.


4.5 T yeast
3 1/4 Water (or milk, or some mix of the two.  You want it hot enough that you can just keep your finger in it without it hurting.)
6-8 eggs
5 lbs (ca. 14 cups) flour
3/4 cups sugar
3/4 cups honey
3/4 cup oil
3 T kosher salt (2 T table salt)

mix water/milk, yeast, a drop of honey
let stand 5-10 minutes (should be foamy)

add remaining ingredients
knead 5-10 minutes

put in oiled bowl, coat with oil
cover and let rise 1 hour
punch down
let rise 1/2 hour

form loaves (I recommend a 6-braid, which you can see demonstrated on Youtube)
Put your loaves on a parchment covered cookie sheet
brush tops with egg wash (1 egg plus half a shell of water)
let rise for 1 hour (PREHEAT OVEN to 350°F! after about 40 minutes)
egg wash again
sprinkle seeds (sesame or poppy) on top if you want
stick the whole sheet in the oven
BAKE 30-45 minutes (tops should be dark golden brown)

Cool it on a rack