16 September 2011


A.  Syncletia also said, "It is dangerous for a man to try teaching before he is trained in the good life.  A man whose house is about to fall down may invite travellers inside to refresh them, but instead they will be hurt int the collapse of the house.  It is the same with teachers who have not carefully trained themselves in the good life; they destroy their hearers as well as themselves.  Their mouth invites to salvation, their wey of life leads to ruin."

B.  One of the monks said, "If a laborer remains where there are no other labourers, he can make no progress.  The true labourer struggles that the work may not deteriorate.  If an idle man works with a labourer the idle man becomes less idle; and if he does not make progress, at least he does not get idler by seeing someone else working.

C.  Some hermits used to say, "If you see a young man climbing up to heaven by his own will, catch him by the foot and pull him down to earth for it is not good for him."