16 September 2011


A.  A hermit said, "The prophets wrote books.  Our predecessors came after them, and worked hard at them, and then their successors memorized them.  But this generation copies them onto papyrus and parchment and leaves them unused on the window-ledge.

B.  Antony also said, "I saw the devil's snares set all over the earth, and I groaned and said, 'What can pass through them?'  I heard a voice saying, 'Humlity'."

C.  Poemen also said, "They smoke out bees in order to steal their honey.  So idleness drives the fear of God from the soul, and steals its good works.

D.  He also said, "A monk was told that his father had died.  He said to the messenger, 'Do not blaspheme.  My Father cannot die.' "