17 August 2011


"And now, what of Christianity!  Christianity teaches that this individual human being—and thus every single individual human being, no matter whether man, woman, servant girl, cabinet minister, merchant barber, student, or whatever—this individual human being exists before God, this individual human being who perhaps would be proud of having spoken with the king once in his life, this human being who does not have the slightest illusion of being on intimate terms with this one or that one, this human being exists before God, may speak with God any time he wants to, assured of being heard by him—in short, this person is invited to live on the most intimate terms with God!  Furthermore, for this person's sake, also for this very person's sake, God comes into the world, allows himself to be born, to suffer, to die, and this suffering God—he almost implores and beseeches this person to accept the help that is offered to him!  Truly if there is anything to lose one's mind over, this is it!  Everyone lacking the humble courage to dare to believe this is offended.  But why is he offended?  Because it is too high for him, because his mind cannot grasp it, because he cannot attain bold confidence in the face of it and therefore must get rid of it, pass it off as bagatelle, nonsense, and folly, for it seems as if it would choke him."  —  Anti-Climacus, The Sickness Unto Death