16 August 2011


                         MICKEY (V.O.) 
            Millions of books written on every
            conceivable subject by all these
            great minds, and, and in the end,
            none of 'em knows anything more
            about the big questions of life
            than I do.  Ss--I read Socrates.
            You know, n-n-n--, this guy used to
            kn-knock off little Greek boys.
            What the hell's he got to teach me?
            And, and Nietzsche with his, with
            his Theory of Eternal Recurrence.
            He said that the life we live,
            we're gonna live over and over
            again the exact same way for
            eternity.  Great.  That means I,
            uh, I'll have to sit through the
            Ice Capades again.  Tch.  It's not
            worth it.

The movie next cuts to a sunny day in Central Park.  A male
jogger, seen through some tree branches, runs by.  The
camera moves past him, revealing a pondering Mickey walking
by the reservoir.  He continues to talk over the screen.

                         MICKEY (V.O.)
            And, and Freud, another great
            pessimist.  Jeez, I was in analysis
            for years.  Nothing happened.  My
            poor analyst got so frustrated.
            The guy finally put in a salad bar.

Several joggers pass Mickey; he continues to ruminate.

                         MICKEY (V.O.)
            Oh!  Look at all these people
            jogging...trying to stave off the
            inevitable decay of the body.  Boy
                   (smacking his lips)
            it's so sad what people go through
            with their-their stationary bike
            and their exercise and their...
                   (glancing at a fat
                   woman jogger in a red
                   sweatsuit who runs by)

            ...Oh!  Look at this one!  Poor
            thing.  My God, she has to tote all
            that fat around.  Maybe the poets
            are right.  Maybe love is the only