05 July 2011


A.  Citizen Kane improved on my second viewing.  A healthy psychological grand survey of a man's life, with great acting by Orson Welles.  It may not be the greatest film ever made, but I recommend it.  By the way, knowing what Rosebud is in advance won't ruin the movie.  As a character says at the end, it's just another piece of the jigsaw puzzle that made up the man's life. (4)

B.  Moreover, blessedness consists in the perfect operation of the intellect, as has been shown. But no other intellectual operation can compare with God’s operation. 11is is evident not only because it is a subsistent operation but also because by one operation God knows Himself as perfectly as He is perfect, as well as all other things, those that are and those that are not, the good and the evil. But in all other beings with an intellect, the operation of the intellect is not itself subsistent, but the act of something subsistent. Nor, again, is God Himself, Who is the highest intelligible, understood by anyone as perfectly as He is perfect, since the being of no thing is as perfect as the divine being, nor can the operation of any being be more perfect than its substance. Nor, still, is there another intellect that knows also all the things that God can make, for then it would comprehend the divine power. And even as to the things that another intellect knows, it does not know them all by one and the same operation. God, therefore, is blessed above all things beyond compare.