05 July 2011


A.  Title cards 11-17 from Buster Keaton's College (4):
HEADMASTER:  "Ronald will now speak on the 'Curse of Athletics'."
RONALD:  "The secret of getting a medal like mine is —— books not sports.  The student who wastes his time on athletics rather than study shows only ignorance.   Future generations depend upon brains and not upon jumping the discus or hurdling the javelin. What have Ty Ruth or Babe Dempsey done for Science? Where would I be without my books?"
MARY:  "Your speech was ridiculous.  Anyone prefers an athlete to a weak-knee'd, teachers' pet."
B.  College comes highly recommended, especially to those of us who have ever considered giving speeches on "the curse of athletics".  Keaton's character spends most of the fill trying to become a jock (and failing).

C.  From Wikipedia:
Some one quarter of the patients seeking professional advice on bad breath suffer from a highly exaggerated concern of having bad breath, known as halitophobia, delusional halitosis, or as a manifestation of Olfactory Reference Syndrome. These patients are sure that they have bad breath, although many have not asked anyone for an objective opinion. Halitophobia may severely affect the lives of some 0.5–1.0% of the adult population.