12 July 2011


A.  Google's desire not to be evil is well-demonstrated by the fact that when you open Chrome for the first time, it asks you which search engine you would like to use.

B.  Concerning Buster Keaton:
  1. The Navigator:  By a freak accident, two aristocratic ex-lovers end up alone at sea on board a small cruise ship.  Much hilarity ensues as they attempt to feed themselves, run the ship, etc.  Great movie.  (Yes, it's silent.) (5)
  2. College:  Nerdy fellow is told by his lady friend that she won't take him until he demonstrates some athletic skill. (4)
  3. The General: Engineer who can't enlist in the Confederate Army helps the south in a series of dramatic train chases.  Entertaining, but not terribly funny. Critics today love this one, but it was a flop when it came out. I can see why.  (3)
C.  Tina Fey is awesome.  I would like a doughnut.