09 July 2011


A.  Some "BA-" movies.
  1. Babette's Feast — A memorial feast for the local minister serves as the occasion for reminiscences and a display of generosity on the part of an old french maidservant.  Danish. (5)
  2. Baby's Day Out — Infant child of millionaires crawls his way out of trouble when a group of criminals try to kidnap and ransom him.  Idiotic waste of time.  Think Mouse Hunt, but with a baby, and worse acting. (1)
  3. Bambi — Dare I say I can't remember what happens in Bambi?  There's a fire, I believe, and a hunter.  More than that I cannot say. (?)
  4. Bandits — Sort of mediocre bank robbery movie, with a (clever) final twist stolen from the classic The Sting. starring Billy Bob, Bruce Willis, and Cate Blanchett. (2)
  5. Barbershop — One day in the life of a South Side Chicago barbershop.  I enjoyed it. (3)
  6. BASEketball — An abomination starring the creators of South Park.  Trash, utter trash. (1)
  7. Batman — Tim Burton's classic take on the hero, with Jack Nicholson as an iconic Joker.  Quite good.  Gotham is perfect for Burton's aesthetic style. (3)
  8. The Battle of Algiers — Old french dramatization of the Algerian struggle for independence.  Filmed on location only a few years after the fact. (3)
B.  Do you know the muffin man?  Not sure why this is so funny, but it is.