15 July 2011


A. I needn't have existed. But once God created me, it is proper for him to love me, because I am, and insofar as I have being, I resemble him: the more I am, the closer I resemble him. So the extent to which I have being is undeserved, but the extent to which, having being, I am loved, is totally deserved.

B. "Prudence is an intellectual habit enabling us to see in any given juncture of human affairs what is virtuous and what is not, and how to come at the one and avoid the other. According to St. Thomas (II-II, Q. xlvii, a. 8) it is its function to do three things:
  1. to take counsel, i.e. to cast about for the means suited in the particular case under consideration to reach the end of any one moral virtue;
  2. to judge soundly of the fitness of the means suggested; and, finally,
  3. to command their employment.
If these are to be done well they necessarily exclude remissness and lack of concern; they demand the use of such diligence and care that the resultant act can be described as prudent, in spite of whatever speculative error may have been at the bottom of the process."

C. Five signs of authentic self-love, (according to Cajetan):
  1. To want to live a spiritual life in accord with right reason
  2. To want to develop within this life the good of virtue
  3. To want to act so as to realize this
  4. To be free of anxiety
  5. To want to get along peacefully with others.