14 July 2011


A.  Some points of advice on how to study well, given by pseudo-Thomas Aquinas:
  1. Be slow to speak, and slow to go to the conversation room.
  2. Embrace purity of conscience.
  3. Do not give up spending time in prayer.
  4. Love spending much time in your cell, if you want to be led into the wine cellar.
  5. Show yourself amiable to all.
  6. Do not query at all what others are doing.
  7. Do not be very familiar with anyone, because familiarity breeds contempt, and provides matter for distracting you from study.
  8. Do not get involved at all in the discussions and affairs of lay people.
  9. Avoid conversations about all any and every matter.
  10. Do not fail to imitate the example of good and holy men.
  11. Do not consider who the person is you are listening to, but whatever good he says commit to memory.
  12. Whatever you are doing and hearing try to understand. Resolve doubts, and put whatever you can in the storeroom of your mind, like someone wanting to fill a container.
  13. Do not spend time on things beyond your grasp. 
B.  I wonder regularly whether an evolutionary account of human "creation" isn't ultimately incompatible with Christian Orthodoxy.  In any case, it seems incompatible with the Church Fathers.