20 June 2011


Short summaries of SH- movies. (1-5 scale rating)

  1. Shadowlands: Anthony Hopkins plays C.S. Lewis.  Fairly good movie, evangelical megahit. (3)
  2. Shakespeare in Love: Witty bio-flick about the writing of Romeo & Juliet, lots of sex. (3)
  3. Shall We Dance?:  Mean Japanese lady gives shy man ballroom dancing lessons. (2?)
  4. Shallow Hal: Hypnotized Jack Black sees Gwenyth Paltrow's inner beauty while Jason Alexander messes stuff up. (2)
  5. Shanghai Noon & Shanghai Knights:  Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan in two kung-fu loaded western parodies (think Rush Hour, but with cowboys).  Sequel not as good as original. (4,2)
  6. Shattered Glass: Hayden Christensen plays a New Republic writer with a lying addiction who gets caught. (2)
  7. Shawshank Redemption:  Classic riff on The Count of Monte Cristo starring M. Freeman and Tim Robbins. (5)
  8. She's All That: The prototypical nerd-to-prom-queen movie, complete with Freddie Prinz and references to MTV's Real World. (3)
  9. Sherlock Holmes: Horrifyingly awful period action movie pretending to be a Sherlock Holmes mystery.  R. Downey, Jr., Jude Law, drug use and satanism. (1)
  10. Sherlock Holmes:  The classic Basil Rathbone film series.  All of them worth watching. (3s & 4s)
  11. Shine: Over-driven piano prodigy has a nervous breakdown while preparing a Rach. cto.  Lots of human fulfillment, emotional awakening, etc. etc. (3)
  12. The Shining: Over-hyped Kubrik film by S. King.  Lots of buildup for a few very creepy scenes.  One of Kubrik's better works. (3)
  13. The Shipping News:  Kevin Spacey moves to Newfoundland to report deaths for a local newspaper.  Everyone has weird emotional problems. (2)
  14. Shopgirl:  Written by and starring Steve Martin.  Silicon Valley logician uses extremely depressed girl for casual sex and supports her with anti-depressants. (2)
  15. Shutter Island: Leo DiCaprio and M. Scorsese.  Detective with a bad boston accent looks for vengeance, but is it all in his head? Or is it all real? Or is it in his head?  Or real? By the end no one cares. (3)