20 June 2011


A.  "Another benefit that comes from the revelation to men of truths that exceed the reason is the curbing of presumption, which is the mother of error.  For there are some who have such a presumptuous opinion of their own ability that they deem themselves able to measure the nature of everything; I mean to say that, in their estimation, every thing is true that seems to them so, and everything is false that does not.  So that the human mind, therefore, might be freed from this presumption and come to a humble inquiry after truth, it was necessary that some things should be proposed to man by God that would completely surpass his intellect."  —  SCG I.5.4

B. From an article in the "Health and Science" section of Time:
"As she steamed the placenta with some herbs, the kitchen got that ironlike smell of cooked organ meat, with vague undertones of a consciousness-raising group and a Betty Friedan rally. Sara said Cassandra had a particularly robust placenta, and she hoped to get 120 pills out of it. As she sliced the cooked organ and put it on parchment paper in a dehydrator, she told me that some people drink the placenta raw as a smoothie. "I do this for a living, and I couldn't do that," she said. The pills, she explained, were superior, since Cassandra could stretch their hormone-rich benefits much further, perhaps even freezing some for menopause."

C.  "Just as, therefore, it would be the height of folly for a simple person to assert that what a philosopher proposes is false on the ground that he himself cannot understand it, so (and even more so) it is the acme of stupidity for a man to suspect as false what is divinely revealed through the ministry of the angels simply because it cannot be investigated by reason."  —  SCG I.3.4

D.  From British Glamour's May edition (purchased by sister in Warsaw):
AQUARIUS — Hel-lo super flirt!  Whether you're single or in a relationship, Aquarians are swapping kissy communications with at least one sexy guy this month.  Have fun, but be aware that love right now is a serious business—and he's getting attached.  Are you prepared to follow through, or are you just messing around?  Workwise: don't fret if it seems a bit 'bleurgh', it picks up on the 21st.