16 June 2011


A.  Could you find your house from space?  A few times when looking at a specific map location, I have taught myself to pinpoint a specific spot or house by zooming in manually from Google's full map of the world.  I can do this not only with my own house, but with a few of my friends', and with some memorable places abroad (e.g. that bench I mentioned a few posts down).  An interesting exercise.  The real challenge is to do it without any map labels (this I can only do with my own house).

B.  Is it possible to steal an idea?  To take someone else's thoughts and intentionally publish them as your own is more an act of fraud (pretending they were of your own devising) than of theft (depriving another of the use of his thoughts).

C.  Let it be known that I am thoroughly unoriginal.  If asked, I will produce sources.