12 June 2011


A.  Do hipsters take themselves seriously?  Obviously they do, since they put so much thought and effort into the construction of their tastes, appearance, etc.  But obviously they don’t take themselves seriously, since most of these constructions are “ironic”.   The necessary conclusion seems to be that their “irony” is a sign that hipsters take themselves unusually seriously.
B.  The long-term lack of a structured project or job wears away at a person.  Channel surfing to find a show that gives one the delusion of working, remembering the teenage years when reading young adult fiction felt like accomplishing something substantial, these things offer a sort of double consciousness to the jobless person.
C.  Intellectual sloth gives one the inclination to talk without saying anything substantial, or to endlessly revisit old subjects without actually developing anything.  The slothful intellectual does not ask good questions.