12 June 2011


A.   "‘I think would of his spies would — well, would seem fairer and feel fouler, if you understand.’  ’I see,’ laughed Strider.  ’I look foul and feel fair.  Is that it?’”
B.  The Bridge on the River Kwai is a peculiar film.  Most of it has the calm, even feel of a military adventure story, but occasionally it reveals itself to be a military drama.  Then again, certain key plot elements are openly comedic.  And then in the end it proves itself to be a real old fashioned Sophoclean tragedy.  In all the confusion of genre I’m not sure what to make of the film as a whole.
C.  ”Dear Bess, dreamed about you last night.  Thought we were going through a flood together.  We got through without disaster.”  ”Dear Bess, you don’t know how much I appreciated the letter I got in the post today.  I was so devilishly homesick.”